The Student Health Impact Project (SHIP)

The Student Health Impact Project (SHIP) is a multidisciplinary health and wellness approach that supports schools and communities facing health disparities. The mission is to help identify, address and manage health barriers to learning by implementing and expanding access to care for all children and adolescents where they live, learn, and play.

This innovative delivery model aims to close care gaps by providing and coordinating high-quality medical, dental, vision, and behavioral health services for students. Each outcome-based program is designed to collaborate with school health personnel, primary care providers, and act as a “safety-net” for students who may not have access to care or a medical home.

Student Health Impact Project (SHIP) delivers health services that provide children and adolescents with high-quality care, and promotes academic success.
Generation next

Generation NeXT is committed to preparing our next generation of healthcare professionals by shaping their potential through enrichment experiences, hands-on opportunities, scholarships, and after-school programs.


The mission of CF Charities is to champion educational and enrichment opportunities for youth by providing them the tools, experience and resources essential for a bright and healthy future.


Project O2 supports asthmatic children through spirometry screenings, asthma device education, and care coordination of asthma action plans with school nurses and primary care providers.


Thousands of young-athletes participate in summer camps to focus on fundamental techniques and lessons in teamwork. Sports Plus is a great addition to these activities and delivers specialized mobile health and wellness programs on-site to athletes.